Thursday, January 22, 2015


Winter camping and backpacking tips 
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  Winter outings offer different challenges than summer camping. You must be prepared for more severe weather and shorter daylight hours by having extra gear and additional skills. Before you leave home, have a plan. They made point note on tips for winter camping. Don't go alone. Share the trip with a few friends who have expertise in different winter skills. Talk to people who have been there and can give you pointers. Check the weather forecast. Check the local road and trail conditions. Let others know where you'll be. That was most of the pre-trip tips for winter camping. Then the article talks about proper winter clothing you will need. Also the article talks about the top 10 essentials and equipment you should bring. 
  I enjoyed this article because of how dangerous winter camping can be and this article shows you how to be ready and prepare for winter camping. Just looking over an article like this before you go camping in the winter can save your life and there would be less of a chance for an injury to happen.

  G. Irons, "Winter camping and backpack tips," REI, 2 December 2014. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 22 January 2015].

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