Sunday, January 11, 2015

Outdoor Ed Resource

Outdoor Ed Resource

British Columbia Adventure Network - Interactive Broadcasting Corporation
Rating- *****

This website is very useful in many ways. This website covers many subjects that we cover in Outdoor ed class from survival techniques to Shelters. The website also covers equipment list and what you need for camping like different types of gear and equipment for different environments. The site has articles on fishing, trapping water purification and first -aide and health. This website also shows different types of fauna and flora that in habit British Columbia and Alberta. The site covers a majority of things we learn in outdoor ed, what I have listed is a brief and blunt list of what it has.

This website would be a good resource aide for the outdoor ed program because it offers so much. Students could refer to this for their article assignments to clothing and equipment for an outing. With everything this website has to offer I wonder how I didn't find it earlier.

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