Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finding Water

Finding Water
Where's the water - Gary Benton

        This was an informative article by Gary Benton, on how to find water if you are lost. It explains different techniques on how to find water in different climates and environments. He talks about going to high points and look for run off points or spots the water would get trapped. He also says to look for weird tree lines or green grass because this could be where water is or if there is a dry river bed you could find water under it if you dig down on a low spot. He mentions if you find still water or puddles you should proceed with caution and filter them, then he mentions ways to filter them. He also explains what you can do to avoid becoming dehydrated, like to avoid sitting on hot spots and to stay in the shade.

        I found this to be an interesting article, that would be helpful for anyone who does a lot of hiking or/and camping or is just starting. This article should me some different ways to find water and stay hydrated if I am in a survival situation. It has shown me small things like sitting on hot spots can be the differences from being dehydrated and not. I would recommend this to anyone interested in survival in the outdoors or just looking for interesting water finding techniques. It was interesting and fun.

Benton, Gary."Where's the water."Simple Survivor.Gary Benton, 2004.Web.19 December.2014.

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