Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TED Talks: Triumph over Tragedy by Mallorry Weggmann

Rate: ****

In this video Mallorry Weggmann explains how she overcome her disability and how each and every one of us can choose to be brave and make a difference in the world. Overall I found this to be an inspiring, thought provoking video. 

She begins by explaining how she was injured and became paralysed from the waist down at only eighteen years old. We learn about her story and how instead of letting this set back stop her she used it to motivate her. Many people doubted her and didn't think that she could continue to live a normal life simply because she was “disabled”. Weggmann went on to explain that we each have our own disability in at least one area of our live and although hers is obvious and can easily be seen, most are invisible to others. She overcame the odds and was a gold medallist in swimming at the 2012 Paralympics. The main message that Weggmann wanted us to take away is that it is not moments in your life that define you but how you react to them. She encourages everyone to be brave by “not allowing circumstance to define us and not allowing fear to hold us down.” She encourages everyone to be brave and make a difference even in the simplest of ways like smiling at strangers and standing up against adversity. 

I really liked this article and found it really inspiring. We often here about stories similar to this but I thought that Mallory's was very relatable. She used common language and an engaging story to get across a very positive and motivational messageWhat I liked most about this video was that she used what happened to her to teach others a lesson. I really respect her for being able to take such a bad situation and turn it around into something positive. I think everyone could learn something from her story and her incredible attitude, determination and perseverance. 

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