Wednesday, January 7, 2015

TED Talks: Youngest Person to Ski the North Pole - Ben Saunders

By Senna Koggel
Rating ****

Ben Saunders is one of four people to ski the North Pole. Although he encountered many obstacles in which slowed him down, he was able to achieve his main goal of exploring human limits.

Throughout this Ted Talk, Saunders talks about his life changing experience of skiing the North Pole. He mentions the challenges he faced, such as being attacked by a polar bear, getting frostbite, and skiing on thin ice, as well as his accomplishments.

He took a 6 hour plane ride to reach his starting point in Russia. After landing, Saunders 72 day journey began. Although he was not able to ski all the way to Canada, he is more than happy with his results. He says that this specific expedition of his was described to be 10 times more dangerous than the one of Mount Everest.

Ben Saunders has inspired me to take risks and participate in something extraordinary. I learned that the outcome of events like these is worth all of the money, and hard work that is put into it.
This has made me think of our upcoming ski trip at Gatineau Park. I hope we are able to achieve our goals without facing any of Saunders obstacles.

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