Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The jaw-dropping benefits of cross-country skiing

Alex Hutchinson


         When it comes to outdoor activities, there are so many to choose from, especially while living in Canada during the winter. This article covers the reasons why cross country skiing is a good choice. 

          Outdoor activities usually require exercise, but cross country skiing has hidden benefits that not many people see. It is an activity that requires a full body to be working constantly. Not only are legs exercised, but the upper body is important as well as arms are used to propel the skier forward. Climbing during XC skiing simulates sprinting, as bursts of energy are needed to get to the top of a hill. Just like running, it is an effective aerobic workout that benefits the heart. The article concludes that cross country skiers in comparison to those who perform other exercises are much more fit and live longer on average.

         It is fun to get outside, and I think cross country skiing is a worthwhile activity for myself and anyone who is searching for a hobby. XC skiing is a good way to combine a workout into leisure time, and is also a good way to experience nature. I think anyone who wishes to partake in winter sports like skating and snowboarding should go over the article, and consider whether this is something they would like to do. The activity has advantages over other winter activities, and people need to realize this. Let's not forget, cross country skiing is fun!

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