Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WunderMap - Outdoor ed Resource

WunderMap is a very useful site, which could greatly be useful for anyone involved with the outdoors. It is an interactive map, which can be used to view the current weather of any place in the world, just with the click of a button. WunderMap also has options that allows you to view upcoming weather, with a virtual setting that time lapses the coming weather, and current weather. If you click on a specific place, for example, Orleans, the current weather will be shown including the temperature, windchill, winds, forecast and humidity. There are also options to view skiing conditions of certain places, and you can even plan potential trip distances, and how long they will take.  Also, the WunderMap refreshes ever 2 minutes, allowing for the most accurate weather results. 

Overall I find this website to be very useful. It allows you to view weather conditions for a specific location within seconds, and it also has many cool interactive tools. I believe that this resource could be very useful for anyone, especially those who are often involved with the outdoors. 

WunderMap. (n.d) retrieved January 14th, 2015, from WunderGround Web Site:

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