Friday, January 23, 2015

outdoor ed website

James Neill: Founder

Rating: *****

This Website offers a variety of outdoor related resources; its  options include resources such as journals, books,bibliograhpies  and much more. It also provides information on different outdoor topics such as  school courses that involves  outdoor Ed , it also provides job listings in your area for many different kinds of outdoor jobs that are available to apply to and also training information for certain jobs that need training and also a cool thing is that this site helps people learn more about outdoor ed with related topics such as risk and safety,outdoor games,camping, and also learn about getting a masters or a PhD degree that relates to outdoor ed..

I find this website really helpful because its the all in one website for outdoor ed because it has so much to talk about and it goes in depth. This website will benfit students, teachers,schools, people looking for a job thats related to outdoor ed and people interested in outdoor ed activities.           
      I would strongly recommend this site to people looking for  outdoor knowledge, jobs and students looking for articles and information on  the great outdoors.

Founded July 2002 by James Neill,

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