Thursday, February 26, 2015

Antarctica Revealed- Katharine Fletcher

Rating: ****

By Aislinn Defries

For my first article reflection, I have chosen to reflect on the article “Antarctica Revealed”, a story about a husband and wife who travelled on an expedition through Antarctica.

In this article, Katharine Fletcher (author) and her husband Eric went on an 19 day expedition through Antarctica with Hurtigruten cruise line, in 2013-2014. They started in South America, and then went along the seas until they reached Antarctica. On their trip, they went hiking, kayaking, camping, penguin and whale watching, met with scientists, and more. They explored through the Antarctica Peninsula, passing by and adventuring on icebergs, harbours, and glaciers. She talks about their experience, and how the article readers can do the same. For example, she gives tips in her article such as proper clothing to wear, good shoes to wear, how to treat sea-sickness, what camera to bring, etc. Katharine also explains the many other pros that happened while doing this trip, such as the essentials that they received from the cruise line while on the expedition. Eric, her husband, took many amazing pictures during their expedition, and some of them are included in the article. The author expresses in this whole article of how this was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime event.

I enjoyed reading this article for many reasons. This article has affected me because I have realized that outdoor activity options are unlimited. Hiking, camping, penguin watching, even winter kayaking-- anything is possible. I have also realized that there are many companies/organizations that will bring you on these expeditions. So, for example, if I ever want to go on a 20-day trip, I can go on a expedition cruise like this couple rather than going by myself. This article has inspired me to challenge myself and to be open open to learning new skills. From this article, I am now considering to do an adventure like this myself sometime in the future. Although I have already winter camped, know what layers to wear, etc., I think what we will learn in Outdoor Ed will help me if I decide to winter camp in Antarctica or some other similar place. For example, making a quincee would help me gain skills for when I have to build a shelter during a winter expedition. Also, the things we do in outdoor ed can help me be more prepared for activities, like winter hiking, cooking winter-food properly, being prepared for the cold, and more.  This article has taught me that I can do any Outdoor Ed activity that I desire if I know the basics, and the correct skills. For example, I can possibly go winter kayaking in the future if learn the rules. This article will definitely change my behavior while I participate in outdoor activities. Though I already love all outdoor activities,I will now be more optimistic and open to things, as this article has proved that hard work and positivity will always pay off in the end.

I am very happy that I read this article, as it gave me hope for maybe one day going on an expedition like this this couple. I have learned so much, and hope to learn much more in the future. Katharine Fletcher has described how amazing her trip was to the world, and hopefully one day I will be able to do the same.

Fletcher, Katharine,“Antarctica Revealed”, Ottawa Outdoors-Winter Issue 2014, Page 17-Print

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