Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Health Benefits of Cross Country Skiing

Title: The Health Benefits of Cross Country Skiing
Author: Aaron Klabunde
Rating: ****

          This article talks about the health benefits of being active, getting outside, and doing a sport like cross country skiing. This article reviews how cross country skiing is a total body workout. Aaron Kladunde explains how cross country skiing works every muscle group all at once and burns more calories than any other sport. In a graph it showed that cross country skiing on average burns more calories than a game football or a match of tennis. Later he explains in his article that cross country skiing can give you a strong healthy heart and lungs. The article later goes on to say that it's a low impact sport and isn't hard on your joints like running. Finally Aaron explains how it is a natural high and is an endorphin rush. He explains how the feeling of this will have you coming back wanting to ski more and more and is a sport that you'll begin to love.
          This article has made me think and feel differently about cross country skiing. Looking at the graph that the article presented, I now understand that cross country skiing is a much better work out than i thought. Even if I'm not racing and maxing out, I can still burns calories and enjoy myself while I'm doing it. I also learned in this article about the heart, lung and general cardiovascular benefits of cross country skiing. This article has inspired me to get outdoors more often and keep my body healthy by doing activities like cross country skiing. This article makes me want to keep skiing throughout the rest of my years at Cairine Wilson high school.


Klabunde, A. (2015). Health Benefits of Cross Country Skiing. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Feb. 2015].

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