Friday, February 27, 2015

Avalanche Protection Helmet

Gear:Avalanche helmet- Steve Casimiro
Rating: ***
Heli-skiing can be one of the most amazing experiences for a skier or snowboarder. When you take a helicopter to the top of the mountain, it’s just you, a couple of friends, and the mountain.  However, going into nature’s backyard does pose some large dangers, with the most obvious being avalanches. Most people would argue the best way to avoid getting hurt in an avalanche is to take the correct precautions. The company Aeros has come up with an intriguing idea that could possible save your life on the mountain.

In this article, the Aeros safety helmet is explored in depth. It includes features that have never been seen on a mountain or ski hill before, with extensive padding, a drop down full face shield, retractable neck brace to protect against neck trauma, and even connection to oxygen tanks stored in a skier’s pack to give them 25 minutes of compressed air. The design sounds impressive, but the author points out some valid flaws. The oxygen packs stored in the skier's bag would be anything but light, and also expensive to purchase. The cost of the helmet, along with these extra features would probably be too expensive for the average family to pay. Even though the helmet is in it’s early stages, it’s still a pretty cool idea to consider.

This article showed me how the skiing industry is evolving. Aeros focus is about survival, which is different than many companies who focus on preventing the injury. Avalanches are not predictable, and this helmet does have some key components and features to protect you if you were seriously injured. This article has reminded me of the dangers of the Canadian backcountry and the challenges of surviving these events. Overall, I enjoyed reading the article.

Casimiro, Steve. "Gear:Avalanche helmet" Adventure Journal. May 8,2014. Adventure Journal. 25/02/2015

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