Friday, February 27, 2015

Snowshoeing on a bike!

Snowshoeing on a bike: Sheila Ascfort 
In this article, it tells you a lot of thing on how to snowshoe on a bike. The article states that you must have big tires such as fat larry's at 4.7 inches or you can have Endomorphy at 3.7 inches those two tires were recommended in the article. In this article is also tells you locations that do sell the right kind of bikes to do this activity, they give you two shops one of them is Tall Tree Cycles the location is at 225 richmond road and the other one is Phat Moose the locations is 98 hawthorne Ave, Ottawa, On. The article give you a lot of tips such as make sure to wear two pairs of gloves and have a warm drink with you.

In enjoyed this articles because it gave me more ideas of what I can do during times I have nothing to do, it seems like it would be a really fun experience especially with a friend. I never knew that this was a activity you can do so this articles taught a new activity that I believe I would love. This article was lacking some information like where the locations of the shop are, other than that it was an overall a good article to read.

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