Friday, February 27, 2015

Get hooked on nature


Get hooked on nature: Ben Klashy at TEDx Rainier

Get hooked on nature was a great video to watch that gets you thinking about why it is so important for our youth to be outside. I recommend watching this video.

In this video we hear Ben Klashy passionately speak to his audience on getting hooked on nature. In a light hearted, running storytelling, monologue Ben explains the benefits children experiencing the great outdoors. Statistics show that childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years and children being preserved Ritalin for ADHD has increased 40%. Yet take these children outdoors and let them experience nature at its best with the flowers, trees, bugs, the stars and let them discover. Immediately they are getting the benefits of being outdoors exercise, the sun, fresh air.
 Ben also humorously explains we have free range children prisoners with exercise rights of 2 hours a day and yet recess and outdoor activities in the school system are 30 minutes or less. Whatever happened to recess? Children today enjoy their technology. In fact it adds up to approximately 7hours and 40 minutes a day. Ben proposes programs such as geocaching where the technology meets nature. Using your phone to take picture of a bug, a leaf or animal and downloading it to discover nature, to pull out all of nature’s hidden treasures. It has been proven that when you get oxygen to the brain and when you are out of your comfort zone you are at your peak of learning.
Get out, get active.
Get hooked.

Ben Klashy at TEDx Rainier. Get hooked on nature. 2014. Video