Friday, February 27, 2015

Hometown Tourist:Fat Tire Biking In Traverse City-Jennifer Buechel


This article is great for anyone thinking about getting into fat tire biking or is wondering what it is all

This article does not get into deep details about fat tire biking but gives a perspective of first time riders and gives you an idea of what its like to ride one.It also talks about the process of grooming trails for fat tire biking.She then gives some tips for first timers like herself.

This article has furthered my knowledge of fat tire biking and gave me more insight on this new way of biking in the winter and a first timers perspective on it.This article has made me think about possibly purchasing a fat bike in the near future,it has also made me think about how much i miss mountain biking and how great it would be to be able to mountain bike year round. I have learned that fat bike tires should be ran at a very low psi(tire pressure),That you cannot ride fat bikes in loose snow easily,that it is hard to gain momentum, and that you have to have proper attire for the cold.If i end up purchasing a fat bike i will be more inclined to get outside during winter and be more active which would be a positive change in behavior as during the winter months i feel like i don't get outside enough.

Hometown tourist:Fat Tire Biking In Traverse City,Jennifer Buechel,
Feb 26 2015

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