Friday, February 27, 2015

Outdoor-Travel Adventura: Winterize Your Bike Commute

Andrew Murphy
Rating: *****
Article written by: Peter Dobos
     In this article it talks about four steps to be prepared for bike commuting. This article is indeed interesting as well as educational.
  • Step 1: This step talks about making yourself visible to others during the winter when you're biking. As well as wearing bright colours because it is usually dark when adults go to and from work. It is also recommended that you wear reflective stripes on your wrists, ankles, and backpack or pannier depending on what you use. It also states that lights should be used, a flashing red light on the back, and a flashlight in the front (the writer suggests a flashlight mounted on your helmet so whatever way you look, there will be light).
  •  Step 2: It states that you should keep warm due to creating your own wind chill, and slush may kick up from passing cars, or from your own tires. As bike shoes offer no insulation, a bootie is recommended so your feet do not freeze. As for your hands, full on alpine gloves are ideal, however in September when it is warmer full finger bike gloves are acceptable. Lastly, using spray guards can keep you warm and dry.
  • Step 3: This step is to make sure your bike stays well oiled because the slush can get into the gears and rust. If the bike gears rust, then biking is then dangerous because of little, or no control of the bike.
  • Step 4: States that you should keep straight and when you are turning lean into the turn. Basically doing the opposite of what you would do, leaving the tire pressure a little lower than normal would be good as well, due to the fact that it will increase the contact path between the tires and the road.
          In my opinion this is a very informative piece of writing. I have learned the different procedures that should be taken in order to be prepared to bike during the winter. Additionally, should I need to inform someone or I need to bike somewhere during the winter, I will be informed and I will know what to do. This article is both educational and interesting, I would definitely recommend this article to other people if they need to know the steps for bike commuting (assuming I cannot explain it well enough). In conclusion I have learned what to do if i want to bike during the winter, and I can educate others about this information, about bike commuting. 

Magazine: Outdoor-Travel Adventura 
Article: Winterize Your Bike Commute

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