Friday, February 27, 2015

How to build a quinzee snow shelter

Brianna Griffin

February 27, 2015
How to build a quinzee snow shelter - Rosemarie Colombraro
This informative article was helpful and explained tips on what to do when building/making a quinzee. I also found this article to be very short and that it was lacking a lot of details.  

The article starts off by simply explaining what a quinzee is, how long it takes to build and how it is able to keep you warm when winter camping. Then the author tells us how to build a quinzee in 4 different steps as well as images next to each step to get a mental picture. Then each step is divided into stages of building your quinzee to ensure the reader understands. The first step says to make a large pile of snow and make a mound with the snow (similar to an igloo). The second step says to start hollowing the mound to be able to go inside, the third step says to make a bed inside the quinzee once it is hollow and the fourth step says you need to change after working hard on the quinzee. In my opinion that isn't enough information and they could’ve added more details. Finally the last part of the article is winter camping tips which I found extremely helpful because i'm able to use those tips when I sleep in my quinzee Wednesday night.

Overall I have enjoyed this article but I found the author could’ve made some improvements to ensure the reader understands how to build a quinzee. However I understand the article was meant for a simple understanding of the basics on how to build a quinzhee.

I recommend this article if you are looking for an easy read on how to build a quinzee.


How to build a quinzee snow shelter

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