Friday, February 27, 2015

Secrets of the Nahanni

Secrets of the Nahanni
– By Melanie Siebert
Rating - *** Interesting

I read the Secrets of the Nahanni article from Canadian Geographic Travel magazine (Spring 2013).

This article was told from the perspective of a solo paddler who is now a river guide who tells her story of her adventures on the Nahanni River. One of the reasons she became a guide was because she was deeply moved by the diversity from life in the city. The article describes her experience and what the Nahanni is like to paddle. She describes the river like a “lithe rope of water”. As a guide, she has been on this river many times and has learned stories from the native people of the river’s mysterious waterfalls and the history of the rising mountains. Also she has had her own experiences such as a grizzly passing by or a wounded moose climbing out of the river.

Reading Secrets of the Nahanni made me remember my own experience on dangerous rivers. I have created and shared amazing memories, just like Ms. Seibert has done. I learned that becoming a guide on the Nahanni would be a lot of fun and has its advantages such as getting to canoe often but the disadvantage is that you have many people that could be at risk coming down the river. Hearing the awesome stories the author tells in the article inspires me to want to create more stories of my own that I can share. This article will not change my behaviour because I was already looking forward to getting back to canoeing!

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