Friday, February 27, 2015

Play safe in Bear Habitat

Play Safe in Bear Habitat


This article helps you be aware of what do do if you encounter a bear. The article reads that when you see a bear it is most likely that it is as scared as you. There is no need to be frightened because a bear attack is extremely unlikely and bears are not known to always be aggressive.

This article states several things that can help you if you do encounter a bear. the most important thing is to always avoid at all costs. If there is no need for a confrontation, make sure you do not go out of your way to make one. as well if you are encountered by a bear always try to determine what kind of bear it is. Grizzly and black bears react differently in situations. You should always respect the bears space and let if do as it pleases. These are only some of the helpful tips that are mentioned.

This article helped me understand more in  depth of what do do if I encounter a bear. I believe this article is a very good resource and if you have the chance you should check it out.

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