Friday, February 27, 2015

Why Sking Is Good For Your Health

Skiing is good for your health:skiers feel happier,healthier after hitting the slopes
By:Lizette Borreli

 This article explains how skiing,and other outdoor activity's,
helps with your mood and is proven to make you happier .

A team of Korean researchers conducted a cross-sectional survey of
279 people in three major resorts,to measure how happy and satisfied they are.
The researchers showed that the more involved you are in a physical activity you
love can enhance a persons positive outlook on life. They also found out that skiers
reported greater levels of pleasure and involvement than snowboarders
and tend to forget everything else in their lives while they were on the
slopes. Skiing helps boost overall happiness and well-being, but is also beneficial
to your physical and mental health.

This article made me think about, if i should ski maybe it would help my overall mood,
also about people who do ski and realizing most are upbeat happy people. I learned
that skiers have a greater levels of pleasure then snowboarders, which i tought
wouldn't of mattered. I think it will give mw a better look on skiing and make me want to try

By: Kaitlyn Marshall

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