Friday, February 27, 2015

Ski weekend in Papineau-Labelle

By Jenna Thompson
Rating **
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Ski Weekend In Papineau-Labelle is an interesting read.  It tells you about this interesting place to go skiing thats not to far from Ottawa. You also get a feel for what the experience is, as you follow a journey of a person who went there.
The article talks about how if you can't get a cabin for skiing in Gatineau Park there is another option that is not too far from Ottawa. The option in this article is to go to Papineau-Labelle in Quebec. It also talks about the experiences that person had at this camp. It talks about the difficulties this person had like having a too big a backpack and mentions what the person found fun, like how she was pushed to do harder courses which challenged her and which made it interesting for her. It also mentions the social opportunities that can be had at this camp.

This has affected me in that I probably would not pack a really heavy pack if I was to go cross country skiing as she had so many difficulties with it. Not to fear help from others as you can learn to socialize with others which can help improve you as a person. By what I mean, that is, some things you do you're not that good at and some things you do are really good at which you can teach what you're good at to this person and they can teach you what they are good at so now the thing that you are bad at, now you're not that bad at which can only be done with socializing with people. This article also talks about not to give up even if something is very challenging and  might be out of your comfort zone. Which this article has made me think that if you do something and put your best effort at it you may not achieve your goal or may achieve your goal but you have had an experience that can be learned from and improved from so that the next time you do this you actually achieve your goal and or improve your goal. Basically a learning experience that you enjoy.   

I would recommend you read this article if you are planning on going to Papineau-Labelle for skiing for a weekend.           

Thompson, Jenna. "Ski Weekend in Papineau-labelle." Ottawa Outdoors Winter Issue 1 Feb. 2015: 06. Print.

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