Friday, March 27, 2015

Article Assignment #2

Tips On Creating A Healthy Eating Plan For Athletic People
By: Heidi Skolnik and Andrea Chernus

In this articles it brings up 3 things. The three things that this article brings up is Being consistent, going for quality, and what time you eat. You have to eat healthier food and consistently eat healthy food and also eat food at the right time you will be a lot more healthier and will feel better and more confident.

This article starts off by telling us the 3 steps that I already named this article gets into more detail. The article gives you tips on being consistent. The article tells you not to eat a lot on one day then the next you don't eat nothing, the reason being is that your energy, moods,concentration, and stamina will be inconsistent, which if you can't concentrate or your energy is inconsistent that can affect your performance. The article also states that eating food evenly/consistently also result in better levels of cholesterol, blood sugar,insulin, and cortisol. The article also goes into detail about making sure to eat quality foods. The article gives you a tip on making the right choice at the right time like for instance tomatoes wouldn't be the idle food to eat at an athletic event but the vitamin C they provide is necessary for a soft tissue repair and more. The article also touches a bit on timing. The article has tips on the timing, the article says if you take to long to consume food or consume the wrong types of food or drinking or eating too much, it can really affect your athletic abilities.

I personal like to be active and always play sports. I would love to continue playing sports and being active. The reason why this article I believe is good is because these tips can help me perform better and the more I perform better the more I like the sport/activity. This article is overall really helpful to me and was a well written.

Heidi Skolnik and Andrea Chernus " Tips on creating a healthy eating plan for athletic people" Human Kinetics

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