Friday, March 27, 2015

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Camping Tips and Advice – Love the Outdoors


Rating: ***


Camping is not an easy task for beginners, and those of us who are slightly less experienced than others sometimes need a few pointers to help us get started in the right direction. This article of camping tips for amateur campers was a great source of information.


Essentially, the article covers a few basics of camping in three sections dedicated to general outdoor tips, supplies that you should bring on the trip, and how you should budget for each trip that you go on. It did not go into great detail, but it did give some basic pointers about preparing for your trip, pitching a tent, how to dress, and skills that you should have to be categorized as a “seasoned camper”. The author gives you a list of some of the most important equipment to bring, and what should cost you the most to the least in your budget.


For people who have never formally been camping, such as myself, the article was a useful overview of the materials, planning and expenses put into a camping trip. It was not extremely detailed, so I would read more on the subject, but it at least gave me an idea of the sorts of things I will need to be prepared for the camping trip. I enjoyed learning what often separates an amateur camper (me!) and a seasoned camper, and this made me reflect on what I can do on my own to improve my skills and my knowledge before I actually go camping.


I would recommend to anyone looking for beginner camping advice to read this article, but to do some more in-depth research as well to look into some of the concepts mentioned with more detail.


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