Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cross Country Skiing Decision


   It is a common fact that groups are consisted of different people. However, a group is directed by a single person, the leader. Not every person can be a leader. Many of us carry this image of this all-knowing superhero who stands and commands and protects the the rest of the group. However, it takes more than that to be a leader. Through this story we take an idea of a true leader, a person that stepped up for his group and made the right decision.

   It was mid-winter and two couples in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan picked a trail to get to their destination with lost of turns, short hills and valleys. After skiing for two and a half hours, one of the couples had been having difficulty keeping up and wanted to call it a day. Interestingly enough, because the couple was exhausted, they did not want to go back through all the hills and turns all over again. So, they suggested to cut through the forest and get to their car faster. Yet, the man of the other couple deemed that idea hazardous, as it was getting dark, which meant that it was highly possible that they would get lost. That man himself was a leader, as the group was about to do  something risky and he pointed out the consequence of this action. 

   This story did not involve any injuries or deaths. However, if that group member hadn't spoken up and change their decision, then there might have been negative consequences, like hypothermia and frostbites. 

   This short story taught me that it is imperative to stand up in a group and state our opinion, especially when it is about risking people lives. Also, I was able to be related to this story, as I had the experience of getting lost in the forest when I was exploring with friends new mountain bike trails in Greece. This story will change the way I will think next time I go out there to explore and I will not make a decision if I'm not 100% certain about it.

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