Thursday, March 12, 2015

PAD30 Winter Camp Reflection

                        PAD30 Winter camp Reflection 
By: Kailey KS

Three things I did well on the quinzhee trip was being organized and knew where everything was placed just in case I needed it. Secondly, I did well on improvising when surprises came up. For an example, the school’s fire permit expired which my group depended on at first to cook our supper, ravioli. As a group, we used hot coals to cook our ravioli that we put in a pot instead of leaving it in the can like we originally planned. Thirdly, my group and I made an amazing cold sink and platform which enabled us to have a warm night. Concluding, the whole experience gave me a real sense of accomplishment and allowed us to focus on the important aspects to the trip.

Two things I would improve on is how overly equipped I was as I took a lot more equipment than I needed. I not only brought equipment like plates and utensils for myself, but for everyone +1 in my group. I now know to bring the necessary equipment for a quinzhee trip should be divided upon everyone in the group. Last thing I would improve upon is making sure everyone can fit inside the quinzhee comfortably in their sleeping bag during the night. Unfortunately, there was not enough room which resulted in everyone sleeping on their sides in an uncomfortable position.

Five Recommendations for someone building and sleeping a Quinzhee for the first time:
-Make sure you have a good cold sink and platform so you have warm night.
-Bring healthy food, because stocking up on chips is not a proper meal or snack.
-Make sure EVERYONE in your group has enough room to have a comfortable night.
-Bring the necessary tools you need like mitts or pliers to remove your food from the heat with protection from burns.

-Bring a water bottle, because being hydrated plays a big part in staying warm for the whole night.