Friday, March 27, 2015

Gabe McDonald article 2

Article Assignment
Preparing Food and Drink for Camping – Gabriel McDonald
We just had our first overnight winter camping experience as part of Cairine Wilson Grade 10 outdoor education. Soon we'll be going on an overnight hiking trip in Gatineau Park. I just read an article that made me realize how important it is to prepare the right kind of food and drink for a hiking and camping trip, like the one we'll do in Gatineau Park. The article is about packing and preparing food for a winter camping trip. I think the tips this article gives can be used for winter or even cool weather hiking and camping.
The article stated that when the weather turns cold or cool, you need to eat at least twice the amount of food calories then you normally do. That's very important to know. It means that you have to pack more healthy food then you would do if you were only going hiking camping in the warm weather.
The article says that you can make enough sandwiches in the morning to last you for the day. They will stay fresh if you keep them in an insulated bag alongside a thermos of hot water for tea, soup or hot chocolate. This way, you can have a fresh meal when you need it without having to stop and spend time preparing your food.
Another important tip the article gives is to watch out for dehydration during cold weather. It can happen very fast. If you don't have enough water in your body you will get tired and colder very quickly. So, you have to make sure that you regularly sip water or juice or a healthy vitamin drink during the day when you're hiking.
I liked this article. It gave me a few really important tips on how to prepare for hiking and camping in cold weather, especially during the winter months.
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