Thursday, March 12, 2015

How To Bear Proof Your Camp by Rick Curtis


This article focuses on giving the reader tips and knowledge of how to properly clean your campsite and literally make it “bear proof”.  With giving tips the author also goes into great detail describing the counter balance method (how to make your pack counter balance)


 After reading “How to Bear proof your camp” by Rick Curtis I realized I already knew most of the tips or tactics he was describing but learned a few new things such as hanging up used tampons (if I ever were to camp with girls), the counter balance method, there is no point in hanging up everything (pots, pans unopened food). I found the tampons thing interesting because I would never thought that would attract a bear, the counter balance method is nice to know for future trips I may take in the summer time or around bear season, and finally the pots and pans tip is helpful for saving weight for the pack when I must pull the bag 8 or 9 ft off the ground.


 I would give this article a 3 *** out of 5 ***** because of how useful it’s information is and because it wasn’t that boring to read..


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