Thursday, March 12, 2015

The History of Paddle Design

The History of Paddle Design
And How to Carve one - Beth Stanley

Cameron McLean
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The paddle is a work of art that any true Canadian should experience and appreciate in their life. Regardless of it’s simplicity, the paddle has had a fascinating effect on Canadian history and the world of exploration. One mustn't forget their origins, a rule that applies to any and all situations, and a rule that mustn't be overlooked for items as simple and as historic as the paddle.

This article reports very briefly on the history of the paddle design but focuses primarily on the woodworking component of making your very own paddle that you can keep and use as your own heirloom. However above all it gives us an extremely detailed guide and step by step process to making your own highly functional and personalized paddle.

The article is actually much more practical and to the point than I expected. The article was comprised with more numbers rather than words, and more technical techniques rather than a quick description. If the opportunity to make my very own paddle presents itself, this article will be an essential tool to accomplish this task with any success. Regardless; I have learnt and grown from the information that I have learnt. The article also helps to share just how much of an accomplishment this can really be for someone to carve their very own paddle. Although I have always considered creating my own paddle for a lifetime of memories and use, seeing each step laid out and explained in this article is important for me to continue to pursue this form of art. As the article suggests; the canoe paddle may not be your standard wooden carving or figurine, but it is the more practical and arguably more beautiful than any other. I just hope that someday I can experience and create my very own piece of amazing art, and feel a whole with canadian history.

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