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How to have a great hike-in camping trip - Steve McCullough
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There are two general types of outdoor trips, but only one you should want to try. You can have a great time OR you can struggle, suffer and quite possibly be far away from any civilization… take your pick.

In this article “How to have a great hike-in camping trip”, Steve McCullough gives you ways to have an enjoyable trip, without so much pain and suffering. McCullough gives us four important areas to think about when preparing a trip: distance, gear, boots, and blisters. When you are getting ready, remember to:  consider the distance you’re going and trail conditions, bring essential gear, food, water and medical aid are a good start, remember to have hiking boots, that you've worn in and can tie properly, so you won’t get blisters, but if you do get blisters treat them properly.

This article is perfect for our class AND for me. I love hiking and camping! We do a hiking trip during our time in outdoor ed, and these are really good tips for the class. As for me as I know much of what he says to be true, there are some things I didn't know and I find interesting such as the importance on the way you tie your shoe! Also I didn't know to put moleskin over any blisters. This article is great to learn about some of the main things you want to think about for a “newbie” on the trails, it gives you ideas on how to break in your shoes, how to help blisters, how to know if your bag will be too heavy, and so on.

Overall, this article explains many things to have a good, successful and enjoyable hiking trip. Especially if its your first time out on a trip and need to know the basis of what to do!

McCullough, Steve. How to have a great hike-in camping trip. Outdoor Canada, June 25th 2014

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