Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unbelievable But True- Erika Sherk

Unbelievable But True - Erika Sherk, Edmonton Journal
Rating: ***

Unbelievable But True is a small article on winter camping that discussing people's outlooks on it at first and what it truly has to offer.

This article is about how at first, most people disregard winter camping because they view it to be dangerous and cold and in general not very fun. The woman goes on to explain her experiences and how winter camping can actually be more fun then you would think. She goes on with explaining a few personal experiences when it came to winter camping for her and how she felt about it. She mentions that not all winter camping has to be to an extreme extent. All it takes is a 'go getter' attitude and winter camping can be a blast!

I did enjoy this short little article very much. It made me think about how new experiences make people feel and they can be intimidating in a way. I think it’s made me really open up my eyes to realize that I'll never truly know how something is until I try it myself. Which means I will try to not be frightened by the appearance of an activity before I give it a try. Especially in the outdoors. I think I will take this outlook on winter camping into consideration before I go winter camping myself but also before any other trips that I’m not as experienced with.

I would say that this is a great article to read before trying something for the first time or if you’re having second thoughts on participating in an activity.

Sherk, Erika. Unbelievable But True. Edmonton Journal, February 2, 2015

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