Friday, March 27, 2015

Kayak Touring- Ken Guillins

By: Brianna Griffin

Rating: **

The article called Kayak Touring wasn’t what I expected to be reading. It wasn’t a story and I personally wasn’t interested while reading.

Kayak Touring is about what it’s like to travel in a kayak on the Gatineau river. Also it’s about nosing against the mild current which, can be difficult at times. Finally the last part of the article is about alternate routes such as different lakes and different streams you are able to travel down. The article was short but I feel like the author could’ve made it more appealing.

The beginning of the article is written with many details and I was able to picture the beautiful scenery the author was describing. The description made me want to go kayaking since i’ve never been. Toward the end the article wasn’t able to grab my attention because the author was giving too much unneeded information. I thought the article was going to be a story about kayaking on the Gatineau river but it was simply about what it’s like which, is why i didn’t enjoy the article. Overall the article had my attention at the beginning then lost it towards the end.

I do not recommend this article for kayaking.

Guillins Ken. Kayak Touring.

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