Friday, March 27, 2015

Trail Running, Anywhere, Anytime. Find Your Groove Without Pavement

By: Daniel Knight

Rating ****

Running on pavement while looking at the same scenery on the same route can get boring! Here is an article that explains how to not only get a more intense workout, but how to have more fun as well.

This piece by Dave McMahon talks about the more pros than cons of forest trail running over running on the pavement. McMahon makes the argument that forest trail running creates a much more intense workout, exercising all five "Cardiovascular zones" due to the rapid increases and decreases in altitude, as well as the changing terrain (i.e roots, rocks, mud etc.). He also points out how more scenic and interesting trail running is. You can choose a new trail each day and never get bored. He further develops about techniques on how to conquer these terrains for more beginner runners, and tips for experienced runners on how improve their forest running experience. Lastly he stresses the importance of warming up on flat ground, and stretching after a run.

This has affected me in the sense that I will perhaps explore more terrain to run. Given that I live in the country, I have lots of access to forest trails. It has inspired to make a change as to where I go for runs and how often. This article made me think about the opportunities I have had given to me but have not yet noticed or taken advantage of. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be pursuing forest trail running, while implementing the multiple techniques I have learned on how to have a safe, yet enjoyable experience while running in the forest.

I would recommend this article to anyone looking for a more adventurous and difficult way to run.

McMahon, Dave. "Trail Running, Anywhere, Anytime. Find Your Groove Without Pavement" Ottawa Outdoors. Ottawa Outdoors. 26 Mar 2015

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