Monday, March 2, 2015

Living on the Edge - How Deer Survive Winter - Joe Wiley and Chuck Hulsey

Living on the Edge - How Deer Survive Winter
Author: Joe Wiley and Chuck Hulsey
Rating: ****

Living on the Edge is about deer surviving the harsh winter. The knowledge they provide to you about winter survival of an animal could be largely comparable and of use to a human's survival through the cold winters! Though the article is short, its detail and ability to comprehend such terms are put into simply three pages while also producing a captivating and alluring article!

The article is about white tailed deer adapting to the different locations of the northern and southern parts of the world, seasons where they shed fur for insulation, and strategies to provide maximum insulation. Deer will begin to store nutrition before the winter comes due to the barren lands that do not provide the nourishment needed for the animals. Deer must store fat within their body because they do not know the next time they will induce any more protein to survive the cold temperatures. These adaptations are all used to conserve energy.This article talks about the increasing death of fawns each year, deer behaviour, locating shelters to protect them from the wind and to help maintain their core temperatures, and the protection from the forest cover for a deer. Deer who do not use these techniques to adapt will die off as a result.
The article was very interesting, and gave out great important facts on the survival of deer! It is just extraordinary how they do not die, but live out directly in the cold where as humans do not. In terms of the context about survival, we are very much alike.There was a vast amount of information to provide from this article and with the summary displayed, you might get the main idea of the endeavouring obstacles deer go through to surviving winter!

Joe Wiley and Chuck Hulsey. “Living on the Edge - How Deer Survive Winter.” The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Augusta, Georgia 2010. Newsletter/Magazine.

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