Monday, March 2, 2015

Poisonous Plants and Antidotes

Rating: ****

Poisonous Plants and Antidotes was a great article that gave you an informative insight on the hidden dangers of the outdoors.

The article lists common poisonous plants that can be easily found in your backyard (such as, Poison oak, Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac) followed by their symptoms and cures.

I strongly enjoyed this article because it made me more aware of the possible poisons in the wilderness. Before reading this article I didn't realize all of the possible poisonous plants that can be so commonly found. Now I will be far more prepared in an outdoor situation. I think this article will be useful for me not only during this class, but also in my life in general (i.e:camping with my family).

I strongly recommend this article to anyone who often finds themselves outdoors because you will most likely encounter these dangers and knowing their symptoms and antidotes will greatly benefit you.

Trail, Jesse. Poisonous Plants and Antidotes. 2013