Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Oceans Glory and Horror

The oceans Glory and Horror

Brian Skerry

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This Ted talk is about an ocean photographer who was looking at some of the horrible things that happen to fish that are unintentionally caught and the ones that are caught intentionally. He talked about animals like the harp seal which a lot are killed of because global warming destroys the ice that they stand on before they learn to swim so they fall into the water and drown. Another thing he talked about was the hammer head shark which we almost know nothing about but we hunt them to near extinction. At the end he talked about an area in New Zealand which is currently protected but was not before and it looks very different than it did before, it used to be filled with almost just sea urchins but is now filled with kelp fields and fish because they let the fish back in. This shows that things can get better and not just worse.

It made me think about how the seafood I eat for example at red lobster was not caught by itself, it was caught with 30 pounds of other fish that died and were thrown back into the ocean. I learned about how much sea life is killed or injured by someone trying to catch a few shrimp or other sea "delicacies". It has inspired me to eat less sea food.


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