Thursday, March 26, 2015

Outdoor Hiking: Why It's Good for the Body and Mind- Author Unknown

Rating: ****

“Outdoor Hiking: Why It’s Good for the Body and Mind” is a very well-written article explaining the benefits of hiking. This article describes how hiking is good for not only your body, but your mind too.

In this article, the author explains why hiking is a very good activity/exercise for humans. The author explains how hiking can be done in many ways, how it is very inexpensive, how it is easy to access a trail, and how you can view have beautiful scenery at any time. The author also explains how hiking can help people with stress, sleep issues, and mental health issues. He/She explains that hiking can improve your happiness, and can also give you the “I achieved working out” affect more than working out in a gym can. Also, you can hike at different levels (trails, hikes, etc.), and any of them will help you stay fit, as you can start with both an unhealthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle. The author explains how hiking can further benefit your physical life as well. For example, it can improve your bone structure, and reduce the chance of getting osteoporosis. He/She also explained on how hiking in sun will increase a human’s vitamin D intake. Also, hiking will decrease the possibility of having heart disease. Overall, hiking will basically help improve your body (mentally and physically) in many ways.

This article has affected me as I am now inspired to open up to hiking more than before. I have been on many hiking trips before, and it has never really been my favourite activity. This article has made me think about possibly hiking more often and to enjoy the activity more. I have learned many things from this article. I have never made the connection that hiking can help mental health issues, can improve bone structure, can prevent serious diseases, and also can help with vitamin D intake. I also learned that hiking is a very flexible activity, as you can start at different levels of ground, and can begin at whatever your lifestyle is. This article has inspired me to have a different attitude while hiking, and to be more excited about hiking trips earlier on (before the trip), and also during the trip as well. Perhaps I will even plan hiking day-trips with my friends/family now, considering that my street is located right next to a forest! I will now have a more positive attitude when it comes to hiking, as this article proved to me that anything is possible.

Unknown Author, “Outdoor Hiking: Why It’s Good for the Body and Mind”,, Internet

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