Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Role of Luck and Good Decisions

The “The Role of Luck and Good Decisions” article explains the survival skills of a man in his 40’s, who survived 2 months stranded alone. At the time, temperatures reached up to -30. With absolutely no food, this man was accidentally found alive and has lost 40 pounds! The article clarifys the good decisions and bad decisions the man did.

I dearly enjoyed the article because just from reading it, it taught me so much. It made me think that maybe, if he had told someone where he was going or if he had packed a self phone, he would have been found much earlier. I also liked the story because it inspired me to go and play in the out4-+
doors much more. If a 40 year old man could survive with no food or water for 2 months, I shouldn't complain of how the winter is holding back from exploring the outdoors. I am still shocked at the fact that if he had packed a cell phone, he would not have been stranded for that amount of time.
I highly recommend reading this article on your own free time, as it is very informative and interesting.

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