Thursday, March 12, 2015

Climbing to the top of the Philippines

Climbing to the top of the Philippines
By: Aaron D.
Rating ***

I decided to read this article because i was thinking of the Philippines as a location for my summative. I am glad i read this article because it showed me the upside and the downside to the trip.

This article just briefly explains the good and the bad of the trip. It goes into detail about the tough terrain and the rebel groups near the trail which add a little more excitement. The author also describes her experiences on her trip to the Philippines.  She says the climb to the top of the 3000 m mountain is not for the faint heart but is extremely rewarding when you  finally succeed. She says when you get to " It feels like the top of the world: a transcendent experience."

I am glad i read this article since it has inspired me to go to the Philippines. I want to experience the feel of being on top of the world and witnessing the sun rise from high above the clouds.

I would recommend this article to anyone who is looking for a exhilarating hiking experience. 

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