Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tips when starting out in orienteering

Tips when starting out in orienteering
By: Aaron D.
Rating **

This is a good article to read if you plan to get into orienteering on your own time. The article has 10 tips that you need to be aware of when orienteering and it helps the beginners avoid crucial mistakes. 

This article talks about being prepared for you orienteering course, whether it be the scale of the map, the terrain of the course or the first aid measures that may be required. It also covers some of the mistakes that beginners make like following someone or just rushing out as soon as they can without planning a route.

I think this is a good article for the class since we will be orienteering in the near future. It is also good for this class since some students may not understand the strategics that orienteering require and these tips may help them.

I recommend this article to my class mates so they can recap the fundamentals of orienteering and get prepared before we start the unit.  

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