Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Skiing? Check Out This Gear First

Spring Skiing? Check Out This Gear First by Catherine Dawson March

Rating: ****

For anyone planning on being outdoors during the spring, or even in the middle of winter, should definitely read this article. 

In this article, Dawson March looks at various outdoor clothing products. Though it is aimed at skiers, the merchandise reviewed is not necessarily for skiing. Included are heated gloves, heated socks, a coat, and a hoodie. 

I found this article to be very informative, as there were products that I didn't even know existed, ie battery powered heated socks. By reading this article, I learned that not everything that says it is high quality and manufactured for the outdoors is the best. Sometimes all you need is a nice pair of homemade socks, not battery operated heated socks. 

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