Friday, March 27, 2015

Trail Running: Anytime, Anywhere 
By Dave McMahon
Rating: ****
I found that this article was very interesting, and I found it very useful since I enjoy running as well. Not only is it a great chance to go out and get some fresh air, it has more benefits compared to running on a simple city street. Not only that, but it also offers a spectacular experience, and the chance to run a different trail every time. 

This article talks about how trail running has a great training value to it, since it is able create a full body work-out, combining strength and power, endurance and agility all in one complete package. Not only that, but it can be done anytime, in any weather, so long as there is a new trail to explore. Running along the trail also provides natural interval training, since it uses flat stretches, steep downwards hills and hard uphill climbs. This creates a huge range of what can be attained in a single run, with even greater results. 

Secondly, to many, the winding stretches covered in roots and rocks looks intimidating, but all this combines into one big challenge, testing the heart, lungs and determination of an individual. The big challenge is getting over the fear of starting the trail run. You just need to start slow, take it easy and over time you'll be able to develop better balance, skill and be able to land on your feet, no matter where you go. This article also provides tips and tricks for trail running, such as short, quick strides as you go up, and have long, low strides as you go down. Also, it provides ways to increase the experience, such as running in groups or clubs, and ways to make the run more difficult such as sprints or rapidly changing direction.

Overall, I found this article very interesting, and found it to be very useful as well. I would recommend this article who enjoys running, hiking or just being in the outdoors.

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