Monday, March 30, 2015

What is Orienteering?

Title: What is Orienteering
Rating: ****

              This article explains what Orienteering is all about. It explains the rules of orienteering and how to score points. This article explains the use of punch cards and punches to score your points. Then the article goes into a history of Orienteering, the first Orienteering meet was held in 1893 in Sweden. The first international competition was held in 1932 between Sweden and Norway. By 1934 the sport had gained much popularity and over 250,000 Swedish people had begun playing the sport and it had also spread to Norway, Soviet Union and Hungary. 67 countries now are apart of the world organization including Canada and the U.S. This article helped me understand the sport of orienteering more and made me respect it more as a sport. It has made me think more about the history of the sport. Before today I didn't know anything about the sport of orienteering and now learning about the history has given me more respect for it. This article has inspired me to take the sport more seriously and try harder in class. This article makes the sport more and more interesting and explained to me the increasing popularity of it. Il be excited to start doing it more often in class. Reading this article makes me want to get outside and explore the forests of Cairine Wilson.

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