Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why I'm Rowing Across the Pacific:Roz Savage

Why I’m rowing across the Pacific:Roz Savage **** This Ted Talk is about Roz Savage comparing her row across the Atlantic to her row across the Pacific. The row across the Atlantic ocean was an opportunity for her to find happiness in herself, while her row across the Pacific was where she discovered much more about the importance of our oceans and our effects on climate change. Ten years ago, Roz Savage quit her job in London to become an ocean rower. She had started out rowing the Atlantic ocean solo where she was able to learn a lot about her inner self. Though, her row across the Pacific, which she was 2/3 finished during this Ted Talk, she discovered the importance of the oceans to our planet. During her adventure, she had come across a fishing boat, constructed out of all recycled material. These fisherman had invited her to their boat one day where they caught their fish for dinner. Inside the fish they found pieces of plastic, which release toxic chemicals that get caught in our food chains. These chemicals are not only being a part of our ocean wildlife anymore, but our bodies as well since we are eating these animals. This Ted Talk has made me think of the things I could do on my own to reduce my carbon footprint. Roz Savage explained how we all seem to think since we are only one person, the things we do on our own that are bad for the environment won’t make a difference. But the truth is that those small things accumulate and have become one of the leading causes of climate change. Our small day by day actions of using reusable grocery bags may not be what changes the world, but our attitude and awareness can be. This was an excellent Ted Talk as it explained her survival of ocean rowing, but also how she saw the effects of climate change and plastic pollution in extreme ways. Savage, Roz. "Why I'm Rowing across the Pacific." Roz Savage:. TED, 1 Apr. 2010. Web. 29 Mar. 2015.

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