Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Running Tips

Rating: ****

       Winter Running tips is a very helpful article for people who want to run in the winter. It's easy to understand and explains the tips well.

      This article helps people who are beginning to start running in the winter. It helps people take the precautions they need to assure a safe run. This article has some tips that can be obvious to people reading it, but some may be found interesting and very helpful. The article explains the different types of weather in the winter and prepares for every one of them. They even make an easy solution to just stay at home and use a treadmill. For everyone that prefers the outdoor run, the article touches on very important tips that will make the run safe and fun.
     I enjoyed this article because it encouraged me to go out and run in the winter. This article also showed me the dangers of not having proper gear on and what would happen if I didn't take the extra precautions. With the knowledge I now have, I can start running outdoors in the winter with my friends and family.,. (2015). Winter Running Tips. Retrieved 5 March 2015, from