Thursday, March 5, 2015


Rating:*** This is a very easy to read and informational article. It would be very beneficial for new hikers to read, as they may not know the proper method of dealing with certain bears. I would personally recommend this article to anyone who plans on going hiking in a remote location and isn't absolutely certain as to what to do when dealing with a bear confrontation. This article specifically is about what to do when confronted with a black bear, and was written due to the recent bear sighting in Gatineau Park. It mainly covers the basics in bear confrontations: don't panic, don't run, and don't climb. As well as the basics in bear confrontations, the article explains how to avoid a confrontation before it happens. It states the commonly known methods to avoid a confrontation such as: don't leave food out, hang any extra food or clothes that smell like food in a tree and more. It also mentions some less well-known techniques in avoiding black bear confrontations such as: travel on a less traveled trail when signs of a bear are evident, and make lots of noise while hiking (especially alone) if concerned. The article ends with a few helpful facts about black bears which would definitely be useful to know under certain bear confrontation situations. This article actually could be quite beneficial to anyone who is planning a hiking trip, whether it is new or review. I believe this article will be beneficial for me both in and outside of our outdoor ed class. I now know what to do when confronted by a bear, and will hopefully remember this article if I am ever placed in this situation. I believe this article should be read by every person who is going on our canoe trip this semester, as it would be a great review for anyone. CITATION: N/A. "The Bear Necessities: Don't Panic, Don't Run, Don't Climb." Ottawa Outdoors. Web. 5 Mar. 2015.

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