Wednesday, April 15, 2015

9 Life lessons from rock climbing

9 life lessons from rock climbing

Mathew child's

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This ted talk was about 9 lessons Mathew child learned in rock climbing that applied to real life. These rules went from as simple as don't let go which in daily life means do not give up and keep trying, or don't hesitant if you slow down it will be harder to keep going. There was also Know when to rest, you have to take breaks eventually you can't go on forever.

It made me think about how I should progress in life. I should not hesitate or give up just because it is easier. I should not be afraid. It has made me think that I should plan farther ahead instead of just ignoring the future. Overall this ted talk was okay and it talked about a few interesting things to help you in life, but it did not affect me to much.

Mathew, Child's. "9 life lessons from rock climbing". Ted. Feb 2009 

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