Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
How to Buy a Bike
How to Buy a Bike
By: Nancy Won

Rating:  **

For this article assignment, I specifically looked for an article about bikes because at the moment I am considering purchasing a bike.  I have limited knowledge about bikes and I thought this would be a good way to expand my knowledge. 

In this article, How to Buy a Bike, Nancy Won vaguely describes what a person should look for when buying a bike.  She describes the main three types of bikes giving a brief description for each type, namely utility bikes, recreational bikes and performance bikes such as mountain bikes and road bikes. She describes the purpose of each bike and gives a limited description of some key features of each bike.  She also describes where each bike is typically used and where it performs best.  After describing all of the bikes named above, she stops her article short without a conclusion. 

In my opinion, this article was not information enough to barely give someone buying a bike enough information to make the right choice of bike.  Although Nancy Won described the different types of bikes relatively well, she did not provide details on what to actually look for when buying a specific bike.  She only gave details on what conditions each bike would be good for.  More information was needed on information such as important bike features, size of bike, weight, etc.  I think this article was written for a more general audience rather than the cycling community as it was very basic.

I tried to look for an article that would help me to decide what type of bike I should look for and I did not learn very much from reading this article.  I would only recommend this article to someone who has no knowledge of bikes to get them started.


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How to Buy a Bike. Nancy Won.
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Spencer Knowles

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