Monday, April 27, 2015

Article #3

Article #3

The Happy Camper:Fight the Bite - Kevin Callan


With the spring time here and summer on its way that means mosquitos. So I decided to look up a ways to stop bug attacks for this summer and canoe trip.

This article talks about multiple bugs such as black flies,mosquitoes, and deer flies and on how to repel them. Such as eating citrus fruits or garlic can repel mosquitoes and Diethyltoluamide (DEET) can repel away black flies. Even though this article was helpful I thought some of the ways to repel the bugs were a little dumb such as wearing hot pink clothes, cause blackflies aren't attracted to the colour. Unlike wearing black clothes, which does attract blackfies.

At the end article it states that blood-feeding insects find their prey by body heat, and the carbon dioxide when you exhale. So, the more frenzied you are, the easier you are to find. Basically I will sit back and relax to avoid being eaten alive.

This article has helped me because when I went camping in grade 7, I was bitten all over from mosquitoes. So to prepare for the canoeing trip I would like to take precautions so that it will not happen again. I will probably do more research on mosquitoes and other insect repellents before we go on the canoeing trip but for now this one was good.

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