Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Backpacking the Bruce Trail

By: Bryan March

Rating: ****

 If you’ve ever thought of planning a hiking trip I recommend you read this article by Bryan March about backpacking through the Bruce trail in Ontario.

This article touches on some of the main points of the hiking trip including the lakes and caves you will hike near. March also mentions some key features such as an old logging cabin and a few open lookouts. He also mentions multiple spots to camp out for the night to ensure you can make the trip at your own pace.

This article is quite specific, but still very useful if you are still determining where you would like to go for your trip. March made the main points of the trip very easy to find and really highlighted what the hiking would be like. If you are already planning a hiking trip then I would recommend that you read this and weigh it as a destination option, but the article is very useful if you are still just considering a trip. I can draw you in and motivate you to plan one.

So if you are looking for a great destination for your next trip or still deciding whether or not you want to go I would recommend you read March’s article about Bruce trail.

March, Bryan. (2013). Backpacking the Bruce Trail. Outdoor Adventure Canada,

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