Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ingredients for the Perfect Trail

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Have you ever been mountain biking, but just aren't fully satisfied by the trails you're riding. Well an article was posted on about what to look for when picking the perfect biking trail.
The article touches on what sort of terrain is better for different riders. Looking out for obstacles in the path is also important as too many jumps and bumps for new riders can be quite tricky and frustrating. The article also mentions that scenery is important as more little things that are better make an overall better ride.
I would recommend this article if you are unsure of certain terrain and obstacle choices for your trail or simply for inspiration on picking a new place to ride. The article was not as in depth as it could have been, but is still a great source of information on the subject.
The  next time you pick a new trail to ride you mountain bike on, take a look at BikeAddict's various articles on the topic.
Author Unknown. (2006). Ingredients for the Perfect Trail. Bike Addict,

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