Friday, April 24, 2015

Bear encounters in the backcountry by Cameron Fauvel

Bear Encounters in the Backcountry
Rating: ***
         This article is a perfect for giving more detail into what to do when you encounter a bear in the wild. I find this article very convenient because we learned about this in class but I wanted to get a more in depth article and also review this important information.
  This article discusses what you should basically do, like step by step for when encounter a bear. So first you always want to avoid the bears at any cost. Then it tells you what to do when you are spotted by the bear and the bear spots you. It teaches you what to do when you are a good distance away from the bear and the other possibility of you having an close encounter with a bear.  This article also provides you with a detailed way of dealing with defensive maneuvers. Then finally what you should do to the repel the bear so it goes away such as bear spray repellent or a stick/pole of some sorts.  
     How this article has affected me is it has given me a reminder of how dangerous bears can be, if it comes down to the you having to be in defensive maneuvers. This article has really made me think about how important knowing this information really is. In this article an interesting  thing I learned was that the bear makes a certain stance where it is basically saying that you are too close, and this article tells me what that means and how we should turn back around or take a detour. This article is excellent review because we are going on a camping trip soon and I would highly recommend everyone to read this so you refresh your mind with this and get more acquainted with how you should deal with bears, to make it a safer for everyone., 'bear encounters in the backcountry', N.P. 2011, Web, April 23 2015

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